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Empowering Women through better Knowledge stands tall in the field of online women publications with its commitment to empowering the women of today with information - varied yet relevant. The hallmark of this publication is its consistency in style and language. We have over 10,000 pages published online under a wide range of topics - all meticulously researched, sifted and carefully subjected to a complex process of editing for quality content so that the end result is an immensely readable page of lasting value.

Our Editor-in-Chief with her vast experience, weaves a magic of words in every article she publishes. Published works encapsulate various facets of a topic in sufficient detail in an easily comprehensible format to any reader from a wide range of age groups.

To locate any page from our vast collection of information rich pages, we have even devised an innovative tool - Natural Language Navigation system which will take you right to the most appropriate page. Most writers use different words or phrases to describe the same idea or concept. Alternatively a single word can have multiple meanings too. This is where our tool which uses Latent Semantic Analysis to zero in on the right target.

We strive hard to present coherent, consistent and detailed information on subjects Women care - in consonance with our avowed objective of Empowering Women.

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